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New supported ligands and metallic catalysts for organic synthesis

Title: "New supported ligands and metallic catalysts for organic synthesis"

Reference: CTQ2011-24151

Main researcher: Diego J. Ramón DanglaMinisterio de Economía y Comp

Type: R & D Project

Start date: 01/01/2012

End date: 31/12/2014 (extended until 31/12/2015)

Total awarded: 168.190,00 €

Funding organization: Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness with funds from the General State Budget (PGE)

This project is aimed to develop new heterogeneous catalysts based on supported transition metals and chiral ligands, and to study their catalytic activity in organic chemical transformations. The proposed objectives for this project are:

1) Synthesis of transition metal based catalysts. The corresponding metals, mainly as nanoparticles, will be immobilized on inorganic supports, in particular, magnetite, in order to facilitate their recovery and reuse. They will be fully characterized by different means and their morphology and nature will be determined.

2) Screening of the catalytic activity of the catalysts in different organic reactions, such as hydrogen transfer reactions (including hydrogen autotransfer), couplings and multicomponent reactions, among others.

3) Chiral modification of the heterogeneous catalytic system and application to the above reactions which are prone to be performed in an enantioselective manner. Unsupported and supported chiral ligands, either commercially available or developed by the group will be tested in enantioselective hydrogen transfer processes and in the enantioselective addition of lithium, magnesium and zinc organometallics to carbonyl compounds and imine derivatives.

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