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Development of new asymmetric synthesis organocatalizadores recoverable

Title: "Development of new asymmetric synthesis recoverable organocatalysts"

Reference: CTQ2007-62771

Main researcher: Carmen Nájera Domingo


Start date: 10/01/2007

End date: 09/30/2010

Total awarded: 250.470,00 €

Total eligible ERDF: 250.470,00 €

This project is financed by the MICINN with ERDF funds.

The objective of the project focuses on the preparation of some new compounds (catalysts) that , added a certain chemical reaction in a very small amount, allowing it could lead to products with high selectivity and specificity.

These catalysts allow chemical synthesis selectively leads to what is known as enantiomerically pure compounds, ie the reaction occurs in only a particular compound and no other, it would seem the same, but as if we see his reflection in a mirror (asymmetric synthesis.) This is of enormous importance to the preparation of compounds that may act as drugs, as organisms can distinguish between two compounds that are as similar as this, and one to be pharmacologically active and one not.

These catalysts be developed are organic molecules that contain no metallic element, so it prevents the final product obtained after use may present contamination with small traces of toxic metals.

The project pays special attention to these catalysts can be obtained cheaply and, above all, they can be recovered after completing their function and reused in a new process. This recovery and reuse is not only cheaper to use, but it causes a much lower environmental impacts. Also, its design means that can be used in reaction conditions that permit the synthesis of chemical compounds of interest.

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