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The Organic Chemistry Department of Alicante University was established in 1990. Since then, it is involved in the teaching and research of the organic chemistry area. Among the forty members that belong to the Department, twenty six are engaged in the teaching of different chemistry subjects belonging to the Biology, Chemical Engineering, Optics and Optometry, and Chemistry degrees, as well as to the Master Science in Chemistry with more than three thousand students.

With regard to the research, we are interested in the synthesis of molecules with potential biological or pharmaceutical properties and in the development of new methodologies based on highly selective organometallic compounds as highly reactive intermediates. This research, which is financed by different projects with both public and private funding, produces around thirty publications in international journals of high impact, and 4 or 5 PhD theses per year.

The Organic Chemistry Department laboratories are fully-equipped to perform high quality research, which places our department among the best in the area of organic chemistry

Every year, about a dozen of Professors impart lectures, in our Department, of interesting and hot topics in organic chemistry. As well, some post-docs from different countries spend research periods with us.




Rafael Chinchilla Cruz

Head of the Department of Organic Chemistry



Contact details:

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  • Telephone number: 00 34 965903549
  • Fax: 00 34 965903549


Postal address of the department:

Universidad de Alicante
Dpto. de Química Orgánica
Campus de Sant Vicent del Raspeig
Ap. 99 E-03080 Alicante


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Department of Organic Chemistry

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